Civic Duties: School Level Competition Kick Off Across Yangon

14 September 2018

A Mayor’s Award Civics Education Examination for School Level took place on Friday morning at basic education schools across Yangon Region.

This is the second edition which is mainly organized by the Yangon City Development Committee with the aim of raising awareness and educating students about civic duties.

Each school have to prepare the questions for the inter-school level exams to select to three students for each level of primary, middle and high school levels.

Headmistress, Practicing High School of Yangon University of Education, Dr. Moe Thu said “After the test, the students’ names will be encoded and the assigned teachers will give marks according to the scoring rules in the afternoon. Then, the papers will be sorted by marks from highest to lowest and select the top 3. I extract question papers last night after discussing with civics teachers.”

A total of 89 students from the Kamayut Practicing High School sat for the test - 30 students for high school level, 37 for middle school level and 22 for primary school level.

Student, Grade – 9, Swan Htar Ni No said “I studied about civics last night. I’ve learnt about good manners from my parents as well. Civics is mainly about ethics. Everybody should exercise such as politeness and respect towards adults and elders, sympathy and many others.”

Student, Grade – 9, Aung Myat Min said “Civics is about rights and duties of citizens and ethics that every citizen must exercise. I collect the knowledge on civics from books provided by my school, some other books I bought myself and from my parents. This is my first time participating in this kind of test.”

The top three students from each school levels – primary, middle and high from each school will have to compete against each other for the township level and then the central level. The Township level competition is set to be held on October 5th and the Central level on 4th November.