Chinese warships arrive in Sydney for stopover visit

3 June 2019
2019-06-03 13:57

Three Chinese warships arrived in Sydney Harbor on Monday. Australian prime minister Scott Morrison told media from Honiara in the Solomon Islands that the visit certainly wasn't a surprise to the government, adding that any reading into the timing of the visit was an over-analysis. In his visit to the Solomon Islands since winning the Australian general election on May 18, Morrison added that the relationship with Australia and the Pacific transcends the binary terms of the United States and China.

AUSTRALIAN PRIME MINISTER, SCOTT MORRISON said "I think we have got to be careful not to see what are ongoing and upgrading relationships here for Australia and the Pacific through those binary terms of the United States and China. They have their interests in the region, as do others, but our relationship with the Solomon Islands, our relationship with the Pacific transcends all of that. And I think there is a great risk and a great danger in an analysis that only can see the world through such a binary prism - I certainly don't, Australia certainly doesn't."

The Chinese ships will be docking at Garden Island for the four-day stopover.

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