China launches inaugural Student (Youth) Games with trailblazing ambitions

6 November 2023
2023-11-06 10:17

Nanning came alive with a dynamic showcase of China's sumptuous heritage and culture, as a spectacular ceremony unfolded to mark the opening of the nation's first-ever Student (Youth) Games at the Guangxi Sports Center Stadium on Sunday night.

The Games is born out of the fusion of the National Youth Games and the National Student Games. This strategic move seeks to dismantle the barriers that separate the sports and education sectors, streamlining and refining the system of youth sporting events.

In previous years, China used to organize campus and professional youth sports competitions separately, creating a dilemma for many students who had to choose between their studies and pursuing a career in sports. However, the decision to stage the newly minted Student (Youth) Games represents a major breakthrough in bridging the gap between academia and sports, allowing young athletes to compete at a high level while continuing their education.

The inaugural Student (Youth) Games is divided into the Open Group and the Campus Group, with the Campus Group further categorized into the University Group and the Secondary School Group. A total of 39 sports, 51 disciplines, and an impressive 805 events have been included in the competition.

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