Chin National Day: President Attends 71st Anniversary Celebration In Hakha

21 February 2019

President U Win Myint and wife Daw Cho Cho attended the 71st Anniversary of the Chin National Day celebration in Hakha of Chin State on Wednesday. The ceremony was also attended by Vice President U Henry Van Thio and wife, union ministers and many other officials.

Union Ministers, Chin State Chief Minister and Parliament Speaker cut the ribbon for opening of the arch in commemoration of the 71st Anniversary of the Chin National Day.

President U Win Myint also pressed the button to open the arch at the ceremony.  The celebration continued with blessing and remarks. Afterwards, Chin State Chief Minister read out the message sent by President U Win Myint on the occasion of the 71st Anniversary of Chin National Day.

Also, in his address, President U Win Myint highlighted the symbols of Chin State and Chin nationals which are hornbill and rhododendron flower. He also stressed the Chin nationals’ efforts for the country’s independence. The President ensured the Union Government’s efforts for harmonious development across the country. He also urged the Chin nationals to preserve and promote the tradition, custom, culture and literature.

After independence, on 20th February 1948, a people’s conference was held in Falam Township, where a decision was made to change from an administrative system ruled by Chieftains to a democratic administrative system - the date on which the people’s conference was held was designated as “Chin National Day”.

In the afternoon, President U Win Myint and wife erected a Chin traditional ceremonial post to mark the day in the same venue of Hakha. The President and wife as well as union ministers also participated in the Chin traditional performance. Afterwards, President U Win Myint and wife visited the View Point to enjoy the beauty of Hakha. Later the day, President U Win Myint and wife attended the bonfire and Chin traditional performance event held in the Chin State Parliament Office compound.