Children Back Home: Children Who Got Free Treatment At Beijing Returned

5 December 2018

Children who got free treatment at Beijing An Zhen Hospital by the support of by the China Charity Federation in cooperation with the Myanmar’s Ministry of Health and Sports for congenital heart problems came back to the country after successful operation.

In October this year, 15 children aged between 2 to 11 years old from Myanmar who are suffering from congenital heart disease were sent under 2 batches with support of the government of the republic of China to get free treatment at Beijing.

On Wednesday, Yangon Region Chief Minister, representatives from China Charity Federation and Chinese Embassy in Myanmar and many other officials visited Yankin Children Hospital to encourage the children and their families recently came back to the country.

Medical Superintendent, Yankin Children Hospital, Dr. Myint Myint Khine said “13 children returned home after successful operation. One child is left behind for the operation and he will also return in a few days. Another one didn’t receive the operation and treatment. We selected the children from the waiting list for the operation. Currently, pediatricians from Yankin Children Hospital are taking very good care of the children returned after operation.”

This is the second time receiving the children with successful operation back to the country and the first time was in April last year. The program aims to strengthen the relationship between the two countries.