Children’s Day: More Than 1000 Children And Parents Join Celebration

13 February 2018

Department of Social Welfare under the ministry of social welfare, relief and resettlement celebrated the Children’s Day on Tuesday.

The celebration at the football pitch of the day care center for the aged in Yangon is also to celebrate the birthday of General Aung San. This is the first time celebration with the public participation. More than 1000 children and parents joined the event.

Director, Social Welfare Department, Kaythi kyaw said “Normally, we celebrate the Children’s Day with the children from the schools under the department of social welfare. This year is special as the public have joined. We hope both the parents and children enjoy the celebration here.”

Parents and attendees are proud of the children’s talent at the contests of painting, poem reciting storytelling and performance show. The children are from the pre-schools, youth training schools, girl training schools, orphanage and voluntary organizations.

Parent, Htike Htike Aung said “This is also to help the children improve their skills and social dealing. Wearing Mon traditional costume, my daughter is performing on the stage. As a parent, I will nurture my daughter with my best.”

Soy milk and bread are fed to the children. The event includes food stalls, handmade accessories stalls, teaching aid stalls and book shops.

Teacher, Tin Tin Shwe said “Today, we’re selling the handicrafts made by the disabled from our school. We will share the amount we can earn today with them.”

Children’s Day is celebrated across the country.