Car Racing Scenes: Scenes For The Film Line Walker Shot

18 February 2019

Car racing scenes for the Film Line Walker (Operation Midnight Shadow) were shot at the east archway of the Shwedagon Pagoda on Monday’s Morning.

Line Walker Film is produced by Hong Kong-based Shaw Brother Pictures International and is a follow-up film to the 2016 film. The Company had made coordination with more than 10 departments concerned to get permission for the shooting in Yangon.

Fighting scenes for this film also were practiced yesterday at Maha Bandhula Park Road section between Anawrahta Road and City Star Hotel.

Director, Ko Pauk said “I am here to study how a foreign movie shooting works. I notice that there are many cameras and they are very well and systematic in their process as well as have a great team work. They also prepared for their scene perfectly and shot one scene again and again. I have plans to observe their shooting the next days.”

Some major roads in Yangon also will be closed temporarily during the shooting period till the 26th February.

Commander, Traffic Police Unit No. (7), Police Major Moe Myint Maung said “We closed some roads and made detour roads as well as assigned our members nearby areas during the shooting period for the safety and easy transportation of the residents and for the smoothness of the shooting process. We will also cooperate and support with Myanmar movie companies if they request to us.”

In the scenes in Yangon, Hong Kong Police and Myanmar Police Force will be jointly cooperated on an anti-trafficking operation in this sequel to the 2016 Line Walker film. Many audiences also flocked at the shooting scene. They also expressed their views.

Audience, Khing Khing Tin said “I guess this is very first time of foreign movie shooting in Myanmar about an anti-trafficking operation. It is also a great chance to show our beautiful sceneries including Shwedagon Pagoda to the worldwide.”

Audience, Ko Aung said “I notice that they shot one scene again and again to get a perfect shot. Our government also coordinated and supported them. If they shot our beautiful sceneries into interesting one and I think others foreign movie company will come in our country for the shooting.”

It’s learnt that fighting, shooting, explosion, car racing against each other, crash, and helicopter flying scenes will be shot in Yangon for this film.