Business Opportunities: Hong Kong Business Mission To Myanmar To Be Held

23 November 2018

Hong Kong Trade Development Council is going to run Hong Kong Business Mission to Myanmar from 25th to 28th November to explore investment, Manufacturing Relocation and Logistics opportunities in Myanmar.

Myanmar with rich resources and a young population becomes the top list of alternative production base for Hong Kong to support good supply of low-cost workers.

Hong Kong Companies are particularly attractive to engage in labor- intensive industries such as garment or footwear manufacturing in Myanmar.

Assistant Executive Director, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Stephen Liang said “We will bring in over 37 delegates from Hong Kong and we will join in hand together with several federations in chain business in Hong Kong together. Some of the member delegates are from manufacturing sector and half of them are actually from services site including logistics, some of them in professional fields. We look forward to straight close-up collaboration with Myanmar companies particularly looking for opportunities and investments and also for manufacturing relocation partnership.”

Hong Kong Trade Development Council was established in 1966 with the aims to help international businesses to explore opportunities in and through Hong Kong as well as to promote Hong Kong as Asia’s business platform and services hub. Currently, about 50 offices have been operating in major business center around the world including Mainland China.