Britons divided over Brexit as European Parliament elections begin

24 May 2019
2019-05-24 13:41

Britons remain divided over Brexit, even as European Parliament elections were held in the country on Thursday. Since the United Kingdom is not set to leave the European Union until October 31, voters spent the day at polling stations, casting their votes for representation in the European Parliament elections. But some voters remain hopeful that their ballots will change the fate of Brexit.

Voter, Emma said  "I just voted Liberal Democrat, and the reason I voted Liberal Democrat was because I don't like Brexit. I would very much rather that Britain stays in the European Union and the Liberal Democrats have a very clear policy on that, that they are in favor of staying in the European Union and the route they want to achieve that by is a second referendum."

Director, Institute of Public Affairs, Professor Tony Travers said "EU granted Britain an extension of membership. At that moment, we got to the point where it's impossible to avoid holding the EU elections. Stand back from all that, what we have is a sort of another what was like a re-run of the referendum is leave us voting for the Brexit party and remain as voting agree in the Liberal Democrat." Voters from the EU's 28 member states will cast ballots to elect 751 members to the European Parliament between May 23-26.

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