border trade and customs gates

27 September 2020
2020-09-27 15:35

As all residents in Ruili, Jie Gao and Wanding townships of China were tested negative, border trade and customs gates between the two countries were reopened on 21st September night.
Chinese authorities decided to shut crucial customs gate and imposed a lockdown on 15th September to curb the spread of the disease after two Myanmar Nationals tested positive there.
At the same time, border trade was completely stopped and Chinese authorities ordered all residents to be tested for COVID-19.
Chairman, Muse - Nan Kham Border Traders Association, Sai Non said "The border trade was reopened at 10 pm on 21st September and now, many truckloads of export goods from Myanmar are crossing the gates to transport the goods.
At the same time, import truckloads from China to Myanmar are declining as there are no goods left in Shwe Li and Jie Gau of China, I think.
But I hope it will be increased during these days."

After the lockdown, Traffic Police Force in Muse District is working their best for the convenience of the truckloads’ transportation.

Deputy Police Chief, No.125 Traffic Police Force ( Muse District), Chit Sein said "During the lockdown period, we arranged the areas to park the loaded-truck and warehouses to temporarily store the goods.
The loaded-truck stranded on Muse bypass are running normally now."

Chairman, Muse - Nan Kham Border Traders Association, Sai Non said "At the moment, Myanmar mainly exports rice, sugar, onion and beans and imports machines, motorbikes and electrical products from China."

Due to the restriction of COVID-19 disease and related procedures from both sides, the process of trading is slow and the drivers of the truckloads have to be changed at Man Wun gate of Muse Township.
If such restrictions and procedures are lifted, the flow of commodity will be smoother, it’s learnt.

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