Bogyoke Film: Meeting Of Working Committee For Bogyoke Film Held

26 March 2019

The working committee on Bogyoke Aung San biographical film production held its 9th coordination meeting at National Theatre in Yangon on Tuesday.

The film is mainly about the life of General Aung San who sacrificed his life for the country’s independence.

Bogyoke film production was initiated in February 2012. In 2018, a working committee and 7 sub-committees were formed for the successful film production with the lead of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture and in cooperation with Myanmar Motion Picture Organization and respective ministries.

In his capacity as the Chairman of Bogyoke Biographical Film Production, Union Minister for Religious Affairs and Culture Thura U Aung Ko attended the meeting and gave a speech.

Union Minister, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture, H.E. Thura Aung Ko said “Myanmar Film Industry was initiated in 1920 with documentary films. The year 2020 will mark the 100th anniversary of Myanmar Movie Day. Processes are underway to be able to produce the film “Aung San” which depicts the life and true events of Bogyoke Aung San, his colleagues and family in 2020. A lot of challenges are faced throughout film production processes similar to the real life of Bogyoke Aung San.”

Samples for the costumes to be used in the film, produced by the property designer team were also introduced at the meeting.

Union Minister, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture, H.E. Thura Aung Ko said “Currently, candidates to be casted in the film are being assessed by experts. The property designer team is cooperating with related organizations to research and collect props and vehicles for the film. Make-up team will use silicon to make the cast members looks more historical. I believe the film will enable to produce successfully.”

The meeting brought together governmental staffs, artists, technicians, historians and experts to make discussions on progress of the film production and future plans. It’s learnt that the production team will soon begin a trip for location scouting.