Bilateral Trade: Myanmar-Thai Trade Value Rised

30 October 2018

The value of trade between Myanmar and neighboring country Thailand has reached 2.39 billion USD from April to August of the past mini-budget period, comprising export worth $1.23 billion and import valued $1.15 billion, according to data released by the Ministry of Commerce.

Thailand tops on regional trade line-up with the largest trade value. Myanmar’s main export items are fishery products such as crab, fish and shrimp, as well as onions, sesame, dry tea leaves, coconut and turmeric, while consumer goods, cosmetic machinery, food products, and agricultural equipment and trucks are imported into the country from Thailand.

Bilateral trade was registered at $ 5 billion in the 2017-2018 FY, $ 4.28 billion in the 2016-2017 FY, $4.86 billion in the 2015-16 FY, $5.7 billion in the 2014-2015 FY, $5.6 billion in the 2013-2014 FY, $4.68 billion in the 2012-2013 FY and $4.5 billion in the 2011-2012 FY.

There are 77 existing Thailand-listed enterprises in Myanmar, with capitals estimated at $3.96 billion.