Bicentennial Singapore: Music Concert Staged In Yangon

14 August 2019
2019-08-14 14:05

Singaporean Embassy in Yangon staged a music concert in celebration of 200th Anniversary of the Foundation of Singapore.

The Singaporean Ambassador to Myanmar said 200 years ago, Sir Stamford Raffles arrived in Singapore on behalf of the British East India Company, and it is a turning point for development of the island country.

This Bicentennial is also a chance for Singaporeans to rediscover the rich history of the island before Raffles.

Ambassador, Singapore Embassy, H.E. Vanessa Chan said "Singaporeans are forward looking people as we have to be in order to survive as a very small country in a dangerous and uncertain world. We recognized that the mixture of races and cultures that make us modern Singapore."

The Ambassador added that this commemorative concert intended to reflect both Singapore of the past, Singapore of the present and Myanmar's involvement with Singapore.

Ambassador, Singapore Embassy, H.E. Vanessa Chan said "Myanmar is also a part of mixture of modern Singapore. There've been thousands of Myanmar living and working in Singapore for many decades. They have made important contributions to our society and many have also become Singapore citizens."

Musicians from Singapore, Myanmar and Thailand performed the audience with western music as well as music from different eras of Singapore.

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