Better Environ: Enjoying Decorated Artworks While Commuting

8 August 2020
2020-08-08 14:08

It is very fascinating for the commuters to see the decorated artworks along the street while they are travelling around.

Many artworks have been decorated on the trees and also on the flowers pots along 1500 ft long Aye Yeik Mon Street in No.4 Ward of Hlaing Township. These beautiful artworks are even decorated on the waste bins.

A Township Regional Hluttaw Representative came up with the idea of creating beautiful environ, aiming to change the vision of the places where there were dirty with waste and bushes previously.

Regional Parliament Representative, Hlaing Township Constituency No.1, Kyaw Kyaw Htun said "There were many places which were filled with squatters' tents or undisciplined throwing of waste and bushes although there were public places in our township and also in many other townships.

Creating a beautiful environment also targets for the children because there are fewer numbers of playground nowadays and children have to live in their houses all the time.

Regional Parliament Representative, Hlaing Township Constituency No.1, Kyaw Kyaw Htun said "As the first step, we build a public park with playground using 100 million kyats budget with the contribution by the ward’s residents. Then we planned to decorate with artworks along the streets and public places in every ward of our township. Then, we painted the waste bins to get public awareness for systematic waste disposal. It was made up of tires to avoid toxic people who destroy them."

This decorative works could bring many benefits such as people got awareness not to destroy the public places and they will get the habit of preservation, one of the artists who contributed his artworks in creating better environ said.

Artist Aung Aung said "I graduated with painting major from the National University of Arts and Culture. I contributed my art skill for decoration along the streets. Some of the paintings were painted by other amateurs. The artworks include child interest cartoons, Japan anime picture, Myanmar traditional things and toys. Next, I will paint the wall art behind the bus-stop on Baho Street."

This idea also supports the Government's efforts for creating Yangon City as the clean, developed and enjoyable living city.

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