22 October 2020
2020-10-22 17:06

Sagaing Region Development Committee is implementing a public recreation place around Kanthaya Lake in Monywa Township of Sagain Region since 2019.

The Regional Government has also laid down the development plans, and efforts have been made for clean and beautifying of MonYwa Township.

Deputy Director, Monywa Township Development Committee, Tun Tun said "Monywa is the major city of Sagaing Region, even though there are not too much recreation places in the city. So, the Township Development Committee is implementing for the clean and beautifying tasks of Kanthaya Lake and its environs as well as public recreation places."

The Kanthaya lake and its environs have been upgraded by constructing 40 ft concrete paving road with 5ft wide walking place, as well as setting up of lamp posts, benches and ornamental plants.

Deputy Director, Monywa Township Development Committee, Tun Tun said "The lake was also upgraded with the aid of heavy machinery to have more storage water. The local well-wishers also supported to explore more recreation places in Monywa.
So, we conducted survey works and are also making effort to fulfill the desire of locals by implementing the development works at the appropriate places of Monywa."

The construction of Kanthaya lake recreation place has been started in August 2019, and about 90 % of the tasks completed so far.

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