Assistance For Rakhine: Embassy Of India Provides Tractors, Crawler Harvesters, Computers

13 September 2018

The Embassy of India and the Rakhine State Government entered into two separate agreements on Wednesday to facilitate capacity building and economic development in Rakhine State.

2 separate MoUs were signed in Sittwe that will enable the Embassy of India to supply 15 tractors and 15 crawler harvesters and also to provide 40 computers and associated peripherals to the Sittwe Computer University.

The objective of providing the assistance is to promote agricultural mechanization in Rakhine State and also to promote computer literacy among Rakhine State youth.

India and Myanmar have separately entered into an agreement on the Rakhine State Development Programme, under which India is providing 25 million USD in grant assistance over a period of five years. This assistance is dedicated to projects in Rakhine State, the first of which is a pilot project to build 250 prefabricated houses.