Archery Competition: 2-Day Event Held In Yangon

21 June 2019
2019-06-21 15:25

An Olympic Day Movement Archery Competition took place at Kyeikkasan Ground in Yangon on Friday.

The competition aims to have archers fully prepared for the upcoming 30th Southeast Asian Games.

A total of 41 archers - 24 male and 17 female from the Institute of Sports and Physical Education Yangon and Mandalay and Myanmar Archery Federation are participating in the event.

There are 9 categories : recurve man and woman (solo) for 30 metre and 70 metre, compound man and woman (solo) for 50 metre, recurve mixed team for 30 metre and 70 metre and compound mixed team for 50 metre.

Joint Secretary, Myanmar Archery Federation, Aye Thida said “Judgment will be made in accordance with world archery rules – self system for recurve and score system for compound. Playing archery has health benefits by improving concentration and stabilizing body and mind.”

A total of 18 prizes will be awarded with first, second and third prizes for each category. The prize awarding ceremony is set to be held on 22nd June at Kyeikkasan Ground after finishing final rounds.

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