Anti-Corruption Education: ACC Handed Over 40,000 Books To Ministry Of Education

19 October 2018

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has published 40,000 copies of the teacher’s handbook on “Education Program for Promoting Integrity (Primary Level)” and has handed them over to the Ministry of Education (MOE) in a ceremony held at the Office of the ministry of education on Thursday.

The ACC hopes to have the books distributed in time during the current academic year. During the ceremony, the ACC Chairperson said the commission operates along three methods that are similar to other countries.

He explained that the first method is investigation and prosecution, the second is corruption prevention and protection, and the third is raising awareness and education. The three methods are simultaneously undertaken with the education process being the most important, effective, fastest, least negatively impactful, and readjusts the complete morality of people during the anti-corruption processes.

The ACC Chairperson thanked the Ministry of Education, other organizations, especially UNODC, and officials from respective organizations for assisting in bringing about the handbook. He hopes the handbook will be the most effective and historically significant book used in the national anti-corruption movement as it is the first book of its kind to be published.

Next, Union Minister for Education Dr. Myo Thein Gyi said the MOE is happy to collaborate in the education program for promotion on integrity, starting from primary education and that this is necessary for promoting anti-corruption.

He added that the 40,000 handbooks from the commission will be distributed in the education seminar. Present at the ceremony were Union Ministers, Commission Chairperson, Secretary and members of commission, government officials from respective departments and government employees.