Animation Workshop: 4th Japanese Animation Workshop Kicked Off In Yangon

13 March 2019

In order to turn out more Myanmar animators and to promote Myanmar animation, 4th Japanese Animation Workshop kicked off in Yangon on Wednesday. It was jointly organized by the Japan Foundation (Yangon) and Wathann Film Festival with the support of Myanmar Ministry of Information, Film Development Center.

This Year’s Theme is “Let’s Start Creating a Unique Myanmar Animation for Children!” and it also aims to foster Myanmar culture for children.

Programmer, Wathann Film Festival, Thaiddhi said “This is 4th time Japanese Animation Workshop in Myanmar. We have been organizing Animation Workshop in Myanmar since 2015 in collaboration with Japan Foundation with the support of Ministry of Information by inviting one Japanese animator each year. This year, we invited the same three Japanese animators from last years to share their knowledge here.”

Three Themes-Myanmar Folktale Animation, Stop Motion Animation and Artistic Animation that focus on the area of Mental Health and Harmony for Children workshop will be coached by the Japanese instructors.

Trainer, Iwatsuki Ikuko said “I will create animation especially for children as the theme for this year is focused on Children. There are a lot of things such as plants, insects and animals to create a Stop Motion Animation for Children. I also made Yangon Bus Animation at the previous workshop.” 

This workshop will include three themes and the attendees can choose one of them what they desire based on today’s presentation of trainers. One of the animators who join every animation workshop in Myanmar also expressed the advantages from this workshop.

Animator, Zuu Htike said “I joined every workshop while I was learning self-study to promote my skills on the creations of animation. Here, I’m interested in two themes– one is Myanmar Folktale Animation and the next one is Child psychology Animation as a special of this year.  Now I’m hesitating to choose a topic. But I will make a decision after looking the instructors’ presentation.” 

It’s learnt that over 50 attendees will join this workshop and it will be held until 17th March at Film Development Center in Yangon.