Animation Training: A Training Course On Animation Film Making Organized In Yangon

14 June 2019
2019-06-14 15:31

A training course on Animation Film jointly organized by Yangon Film School and Film Development Centre with the support of Australian Embassy to Myanmar took place in Yangon on Friday.

One-day training course aims for capacity building and knowledge sharing between Myanmar and Austrilia on animation film making. It is also hoped to inspire young film makers in Myanmar to try something new.

Marisa Martin, multi-award winning filmmaker and animator from Australia who has made animations through making puppets and origami provided the training.

Trainer, Marisa Martin said “I think that the technology is advancing very quickly which means that people are able to try different styles of animation and they might not to be able before, meaning you can make animated films at home these days with you don’t need a big studio to do it. So, I think that the skills are just gonna get better and better.”

The trainer also added that she has seen some animations from Myanmar which is very beautiful and quite good and there is posibility of providing assistance for developing skills and animations for students from Yangon Film School and Yangon Film Services.

First Secretary, Australian Embassy Yangon, Esther Sainsbury said “Animation is different from documentary film making or news making. It is very labour intensive but it is also very low cost. Someone can become an animator in their living room, in their kitchen… It is very diverse and accessible mode of film making and it can be done on any budget and I think it is something worth considering even if you are a cartoonist or an artist to transfer drawing into film.”

The Australian Embassy to Myanmar also invited young filmmakers from Myanmar to participate in the upcoming Flickerfest international short film festival 2020 which will be held in Bondi beach of Austrilia. It is opened from July to November of this year to all filmmakers across ASEAN with films up to 30 minutes that were made in the past 2 years.

First Secretary, Australian Embassy Yangon, Esther Sainsbury said “The Flickerfest short film festival will be held in 2020 and at the moment we have competition across ASEAN for young filmmakers… The short listed ASEAN applicants will travel to Austrilia to Bondi beach to participate and they will able to showcase their Myanmar making to international audience. I would really encourage young filmmakers to apply.”

Myanmar young filmmakers and entusiasts attended the course which covered different styles of animation, use of animation in documentary films, skills and different kinds of animation filmmakers might want to try.

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