Ancient Objects: Seminar On Preventing Illicit Trafficking Of Ancient Objects

13 February 2018

Seminar on preventing illicit trafficking of Ancient objects; recommendations and examples from international experience was kicked off at National Museum in Yangon on Tuesday.

The Department of Archaeology and National Museum of Myanmar and UNESCO organized the seminar which aims to discuss for preventing the illicit trafficking of ancient objects among the local and international experts.

Director, Dept. of Archaeology & National Museum, Myat Swe said “As the prevention of ancient objects is the national tasks, we need to know widely for prevention of illicit trafficking of ancient objects. Currently, we are also taking action based on the law that was enacted in 2015. The outcomes from the seminar will put as the rules and regulations addition of 2015 Protection and Preservation of Antique Objects Law.”

Experts from local and international, museum personnel will present the art dealers code of ethics and reflection in the conventions as well as the international experiences on preventing the ancient objects at the seminar.

Principal, The Field School of Archaeology (Pyay), Win Kyaing said “I will present the international practices concerning the prevention on ancient objects. Our country has still requirement on prohibiting and preventing the illicit trafficking of ancient objects so the new law which is the Protection and Preservation of Antique Objects Law enacted on 2015.”

The seminar will be held for three days till Thursday.