Agriculture Development: Myanmar Seed Portal Launched For Easy Information Access

11 December 2018

Myanmar Seed Portal was launched on Tuesday aiming to provide the easy information access about Myanmar seeds which play a crucial role in the development of agriculture sector.

The portal is targeted at farmers and private business owners from local and abroad. It includes information on seeds being distributed in Myanmar, distributors, general knowledge on seeds, processes of seeds registration and distribution in Myanmar, policy, rules and regulations and procedures of National Seed-related Committee.

The launching ceremony was held in Nay Pyi Taw during the National Workshop on Myanmar Agriculture Inputs Reform Project.

The portal was launched based on the outcomes of the previous workshops, and plans are underway to launch an application as well, the official from Agriculture Department said.

Director General, Department of Agriculture, Dr. Ye Tint Tun said “The seed platform meeting is held annually for the development of Myanmar seeds sector as well as agriculture sector. The outcomes from previous meetings indicated that a seed networking system is required. That’s why we launched an easily accessible platform with the help of technicians from abroad. The website is in both Myanmar and English language.”

At the national workshop, various topics concerning the development and improvement of seeds and agriculture in Myanmar – major achievements of the inputs reform project and next steps, risk-based management in Myanmar’s seeds sector and many more were discussed.