AA Attack: Two Members Of Police And One Family Member Killed In Mrauku

11 April 2019

The AA Group attacked No. 31 Security Police Headquarters in MraukU on 9th April, killing three people, and taking four women and three children hostage from the family quarters.

According to report, at around 10.30 PM, about 200 members of AA Group approached the headquarters from the northern side, and carried out several close range attacks. The security forces managed to prevent the AA members from reaching key areas.

However, the insurgents managed to enter the family quarters. During the incident, two police members were killed and seven were reported missing.

The AA insurgents shot dead one family member of a police official, and took seven people hostage which include the wives of three personnel, the mother of one police official, and three children. The AA members retreated once the Tatmadaw troops arrived to back up the security forces at around 4.10 AM on 10th April. The Tatmadaw have launched a search for the insurgents.