AA Attack: Tamadaw Column Ambushed by AA Near YayGaungChaung Village

24 March 2019

AA group ambushed Tatmadaw column conducting security operation near Yaygaungchaung Village in Yathedaung Township of Rakhine State on 22nd March.

At around 6:30 a.m, about 30 AA personnel opened fire on the Tatmadaw column with small and heavy arms from about 400 meter southeast of Yaygaungchaung Village.

Later in the afternoon at about 4:30 p.m, about 50 AA personnel opened fire on the Tatmadaw column from about 800 meters southeast of Yaygaungchaung Village.

The firefights resulted in Tatmadaw suffering some casualties and 3 remains of AA personnel dressed in sportswear were found in the vicinity of the area from where the AA group had opened fire.

Tatmadaw columns were continuing the security operation.

AA Group has been taking cover in wards and villages and have been shooting and planting landmines against Tatmadaw security columns.

As unnecessary civilian casualties could be caused, people in towns, wards and villages of Rakhine State are urged not to accept any AA members and are requested to report to relevant administrative organizations of the presence of AA members in towns, wards and villages, according to Commander-in-Chief Office.