72nd Union Day: Flag Hoisting And Saluting Ceremony In Nay Pyi Taw

12 February 2019

In commemoration of the 72nd Anniversary Union Day, a State flag hoisting and saluting ceremony was held at the square of Nay Pyi Taw City Hall on Tuesday morning with the attendance of Vice President U Myint Swe.

The auspicious day which showed the Union spirit and the solidarity of all ethnic people, and on which the Panglong Agreement was signed, was designated as the Union Day. Because of the Panglong Agreement, the country regained its Independence and Sovereignty on 4th January, 1948. However, due to the legacy of evil and a variety of reasons, misunderstandings, mistrust, and doubt crept in among the ethic people, leading to 70 years of armed conflicts, and the fire of armed conflicts has not yet ceased.

The Deputy Minister for Information, as he attended the celebration, stressed the importance of having unity among the national brethren to end the internal conflicts.

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Information, Aung Hla Tun said “All must have to make strenuous efforts for national unity of the country. Our country is rich in natural resources, and also endowed with a variety of cultures. But without peace and unity, all these resources cannot be useful. I wish all to strive for achieving unity.”

The attendees hope to gain eternal peace in the country with the united efforts of all national brethren who have been living in the country since yore.

Chief Engineer, Electricity Supply Corporation Office (Zabu Thiri Tsp.), Aung Khaing Soe said “I hope to achieve our goal for eternal peace and building the federal union through the united efforts of all national brethren. I believe that our country will become a prosperous nation in the future ahead.”

Deputy Director, Public Health Dept. (Ministry of Health & Sports), Dr. Nyan Tun Aye said “Throughout the history, our national brethren have lived in unity and harmony. With this united efforts based on Panglong spirit, our country gained Independence.”

They also hope for participation of all Ethnic Armed Organizations in the 21st Century Panlong for achieving eternal peace.

Deputy Director, Urban & Housing Development Dept. (Ministry of Construction), Nyo Win Naing said “Peace-making process has been in progress by holding the 21st Century Panglong with the participation of ethnic armed organizations. We all support it. Our country has 135 ethnic groups. If all EAOs involved in this process, I believe that achieving peace is within our reach.”

High ranking officials from the President Office, parliament office, senior military officers, the Union ministers and deputy ministers, members of the management committee for Union Day Celebration, as well as the national races ministers of states and regions and the public participated in the ceremony.