71st Union Day: President Sends Message Of Felicitation

12 February 2018

President U Htin Kyaw sends a message of felicitation on the auspicious occasion of the 71st anniversary Union Day. He wishes all national brethren who have been living in unity in Myanmar since years ago to be blessed with auspiciousness.

Throughout the successive eras, the Governing bodies have been striving to build a strong Union based on the national unity. The country was colonized by the Britain in late Konebaung era and all the national ethnics became estranged due to dissension among them by the colonial Government.

Myanma Tatmataw led by General Aung San fought against British expansionist with the assistance of Japan. Then, knowing the real image of Japanese fascism and the promises of Independence are merely a sham, they had to driven out the Japanese together with the allies. Due to the efforts done by ethnic leaders and the citizens, Aung San Atlee Agreement which includes the agreements to give the country’s independence within a year was signed on 27th of January, 1947. According to the agreement, although the expansionist targeted to give the independence for the whole country, they wanted to leave the hilly regions.

General Aung San and ethnic leaders held the Panglong Conference in order to ask unanimously for full independence including main lands and hilly regions, and signed the Panglong Agreement on 12th of February, 1947.

To commemorate their efforts in achieving full independence, the Union day was defined on the day when the Panglong Agreement was signed.

All the national brethren have to value and preserve the union spirit which could achieve the independence by all national ethnics in unity. It’s very important to conserve and value the union spirit to be long-term perpetuation of the independence.

Even though it’s true that the country has been beset with internal armed conflicts for many years, it’s been 71 years that the country has been independent and has its own sovereignty due to union spirit of the national ethnics and national unity.

In addition, it is being discussed and negotiated to end the internal armed conflicts and build the strong Federal Union. At the moment, as the Union Peace conference- 21st century Panglong is being held with peace working processes in accordance with the results of the political dialogues, 37 basic principles of the federal structure has been agreed and signed as the Phase (1) of the Union agreement.

Peace and national reconciliation can be gained through discussions at the Union Peace Conference - 21st Century Panglong based on the Union Spirit, and it will bring to build Democracy Federal Union successfully.

Without the thriving of Union Spirit, it will be far away to establish the Democracy Federal Union. The major requirement of the peace process is mutual trust among the national races. Thus, all the national brethren are urged find the solution through ultimate trust, strong integration and firm decision based on the Union Spirit.

At the same time, it is important to have sound economic infrastructure for sustainable development of political, economic and social sectors of the country. So, the Government is making constant effort for development of small and medium enterprises which has a lot of percentages in the nation’s economy.

In implementing the national reconsolidation and reconciliation and peace process which have been the great expectation of all the citizens and national brethren, the Government, Hluttaw, Tatmadaw, Ethnic Armed Organizations, Political Parties and Civil Social Organizations are urged to cooperative with all the entire people.

All the national people are urged to make firm decision and cooperation in implementing the 4our Objectives of the 71st Anniversary Union Day: to develop the Union Spirit, to make the internal peace process a success with unity of ethnic people, to build a Federal Democratic Union through the Union Peace Conference-21st Century Panglong, and to boost the economy of the Union by encouraging small and medium enterprises.