70th Session Of UNHCR: Myanmar Delegation Attend 70th Session Of UNHCR

10 October 2019
2019-10-10 09:44

Myanmar delegation led by the union miniser for social welfare, relief and resettlement Dr. Win Myat Aye attended the opening ceremony of the 70th session of UNHCR Executive Committee held at Assembly Hall, in Geneva of Switzerland at 10 Am local time on 7th October.

The 5 day session from 7th to 11th October include the High-level segment on statelessness and general debate. In general debate, submitting commitment of the UN members states, presenting 2019 winner of the UN Refugee Agency’s Nansen Refugee Award and side events. The leader of Myanmar delegation, union minister submited Myanmar pledges in the morning on October 8.

In Myanmar’s pledges, the union minister stated that although Myanmar is not a member of the 1954 Convention relating to the Status of Stateless Persons and 1961 Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness, it has pledged to implement to entitle human rights fully based on the international humanitarian principles.

Myanmar supports the Global Compact on Migration and “I Belong Campaign” implementing by UNHCR to reduce the stateless persons. Asia-Pacific Regional Preparatory Meeting for the 2019 High-Level Segment on Statelessness held during May, this year.

Myanmar underwent the internal armed conflicts for about 70 years and it transformed into Democratic system from the military rule recently. The national reconciliation and peace are the prioritized process of the government. it’s believed to solve the internal and transnational displacements when the armed conflicts can be terminated.

The National Verification Card (NVC) is being issued to the undocumented persons in line with the 1982 Myanmar Citizenship Law. The National Verification Process is a course of action practicing all over the country. NVC is the initial step of the application for the citizenship. Myanmar Children’s Rights Law pledges for all children born without discrimination of nationality, religion and sex to have birth certificate.

With the aim of (No child left behind), the government is carrying out to have birth certificate for all children across the country. Myanmar is ready to accept the displaced people due to the attacks of ARSA occurred in 2016 and 2017. The people who displaced from Rakhine State to Cox’s bazar are in different status according to Myanmar Citizenship Law.

All of them cannot be categorised as the stateless persons. those who have no documentation need to hold the National Verification Card (NVC) first. The NVC holder can apply the citizenship. In the context of freedom of movement, the social limitations cannot be ignored.

So, the efforts are being made to build the mutual trust and harmony among the communities...etc. The session is participated by the member states of UNHCR Executive Committee, Non-Member States, observers, UN agencies and NGOs. The meeting will be conducted until October 11, it’s learnt.

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