32nd Anniversary: Commemoration Event Held for 8888 Uprising

8 August 2020
2020-08-08 12:10

The commemoration of the 32nd anniversary of the 8888 uprising was held in front of Maha Bandula Park in Yangon on 8th August.

It was 17th times of celebrating this event. The attendees paid tribute to all the citizens, monks and students who fall down during the uprising, and shared the merit.

88 Generation, Kyaw Linn said "As the 88 generation, we meet again among others who took part in Democracy Revolution on that day. Some of our colleagues fall down during the uprising. But we feel that we didn't get the full essence of Democracy till today. So, we have the duty to fulfil the desire of our fallen colleagues.:

The former political prisoners also joined the event and expressed their feelings on the event of the 8888 uprising.

Former political prisoner, Phyu Phyu Win said "This year, we held the event under the guidelines of the MOHS in order to prevent the COVID-19 disease. In the previous years, we read out the messages and poems sent by the respective associations and made them deliver the speeches. These activities not included in this year. We only demonstrate the Yin Pyin Ni performance."

Former political prisoner, Thet Oo said "I attend the event every year. During the uprising, some citizens were killed. So, we celebrate this event not to forget the incident which occurred on 8th August 1988. We organize the commemoration event every year for the youths and the next generation to know about the uprising. This is the main purpose of celebrating the event."

The 8888 uprising was started as a student movement in Yangon and later spread across the country. Hundreds of thousands of people took part in the series of protests in which the key events occurred on 8th August 1988.

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