2ND Nat’l Conference: Nearly 300 Teachers From 100 Universities Participated

19 October 2018

The second national conference on “Transforming Higher Education Leadership and Management Programme:  Building Quality and Equity in Higher Education” took place in Yangon on Friday.

The Transforming Higher Education Leadership and Management Programme (THEMP) support the Ministry of Education and line Ministries to operationalise Strategy 1 of the Higher Education Sub-Sector of the National Education Strategic Plan (NESP): “Strengthen higher education governance and management capacity”.

This one-year pilot project is a partnership between the British Council and the Department of Higher Education , Ministry of Education and the National Education Policy Commission (NEPC) to establish the National Institute of Higher Education Development (NIHED) a new body which will provide nation-wide capacity building for leaders and managers of universities across Myanmar.

Head of Programmes, British Council, Mi Mi Myo Win said “This conference is one of Transforming Higher Education Leadership and Management Programmes (THEMP). Nearly 300 teachers from 100 universities across the country participated in this Second National Conference. We also conducted Residential Programs, Institutional Projects, workshops and TOT trainings under Transforming Higher Education Leadership and Management Programme (THEMP) within one-year pilot project.”

Experience sharing session on developing quality and equity, leading and managing change, taking decisions and institutional level policy making, curriculum and assessment towards building a strong, accessible and quality education system also included as part of the second national conference.

Education Director, British Council, Rebecca Picton said “I think it is very exciting state Higher Education at the moment because there is a lot of changes happening and a lot of commitment from Ministry of Education to improving Higher Education in Myanmar. We are just trying to be a part of supporting to development of Higher Education. We really pleased to be supporting the Ministry of Education with the National Education Strategic Plan. This is the end of the first year of the Pilot program which we will be looked at how we can support the Ministry and we continue support the Ministry until 2021. We will review this program and take the next step.”

It is learnt that the second national conference will take place 2-days till 20th October 2018.