110th Birth Anniversary: Honouring The Late Nat’l Poet, Literary Icon Sayagyi Minthuwun

12 February 2019

To commemorate the 110th Birth Anniversary of the late National Poet and Literary Icon Sayagyi Minthuwun, Literary Talks and Book Launching ceremony were held in Yangon on Sunday.

Sayagyi Minthuwun is well known for his hard works to help launching a new literary movement called Khit San Sarpay. He also penned about hundreds of poems and children songs during his lifetime - he died at the age of 95 in 2004. At this event, famous authors including Maung Khin Min (Danu Phyu) shared their nostalgic memories of Sayagyi Minthuwun. Union Ministers Dr. Pe Myint and Dr. Myo Thein Gyi, Yangon Region Chief Minister and Mayor, MPs from the Pyithu and Amyotha Hluttaws, Sayagyi Minthuwun’s family members and invited guests joined the honorable ceremony.

Union Minister, Ministry of Information, H.E. Dr. Pe Myint said “We grew up reading his poems. I also got a chance to read Sayagyi’s other books and poems. He is not only the national poet and literary icon but also a researcher who studied about Myanmar literary, languages and customs. The younger generation should follow Sayagyi’s method “collect, copy and create” to be a successful one in literary industry.”

Htamanae (the Glutinous Rice) was offered to the attendees – the Glutinous Rice has been offered on the birthday of Sayagyi Minthuwun since he was alive. The works of Sayagyi Minthuwun were also displayed at the event. Family members of Sayagyi Minthuwun expressed their gratitude to Sayagyi Minthuwun.

Daughter of  Minthuwun, Hta Cho said “Inviting his friends and writers, we always hold Htamanae offering event on his birthday since he was alive. Today, many of Sayagyi’s friends joined this event. I wish he were still alive to see such a ceremony like this.”

Family Member, Aye Thu Zar Kyaw said “We still keep Sayagyi’s personal items as well as his books and poems for the next generations. As part of fund raising, we also sell books and souvenirs including t-shirts, key chains and postcards made of Sayagyi’s works. The proceeds are donated to Minthuwun Foundation.”

A book titled ‘Thu Do Myinthaw Minthuwun’ (How they see Minthuwun) by about 70 writers was also launched at this event. One of the writers also expressed his feelings.

Writer, Dr. Myint Zan said “In the book, my story is about Sayagyi Minthuwun’s tribute to his teachers and mentors. Sayagyi always showed respects to his teachers indeed. Now, the young people are starting to gain more interest from Sayagyi’s literary and poems.”

An entertainment program including musical performances and opera, Byaw Than (dance), recital of children’s poems and poem recitals as well as performance by the Myo Shwe Mann Thar Phoe Chit Theatre Group were also staged at the event.