“People Are The Key”: SC Delivers Televised Speech On Updated Situation Of COVID-19

25 March 2020
2020-03-25 10:57

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, in her capacity as Chairperson of the National-Level Central Committee on Prevention, Control and Treatment of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) delivered the televised speech on the updated situation of the Coronavirus infection in Myanmar.

In her speech, the State Counsellor requested people not to panic, but to remain calm and follow the advice from the health authorities on COVID-19.

She said that two persons who tested positive for COVID-19 were found on the 23rd March. One of them was a man from Chin State who had returned from the United States, and another man was from Yangon who had returned from the UK.

Both of them are being given medical treatment and they are “not in critical condition”. It can estimate that there would be people with anxieties and fear as soon as this news came out and she would like to make a plea to the public on behalf of the government, ‘don’t get into a panic’ about it, and follow the directives and announcements of the Ministry of Health and Sports and other government agencies regarding COVID-19 calmly and without any nervousness.

She added that the World Health Organization has announced that COVID- 19 can be controlled. Out of those infected by this disease the death rate is 4.4 per cent. Those who died from this disease were patients with chronic diseases, poor immune system or late treatment. The most important is to get medical treatment early.

As soon as a person gets symptoms, he or she should go to the nearest healthcare center immediately. Just as in the saying “report early, know early, benefits everyone” and inform the health centers. The State Counsellor also pointed out that Myanmar is welcoming back the influx of Myanmar nationals working in Thailand.

They are advised to stay at home or a designated place in a responsible manner for home or facility quarantine for 14 days to prevent the spread of the disease. Those who have arrived back home should cooperate with a full sense of responsibility and should not go into hiding because of fear and concern. This is important.

They should report their health conditions to the health centers and only then, could the respective health center provide free medical treatment. She also reiterated that as soon as the news came out that two person infected with COVID-19 have been found, some people began buying foods, medicines and household items in panic.

It is also advised that only one person should go for buying, instead of going in groups. She called for not being pushed onto the wrongful paths in regard with the COVID-19 disease and she called for people to overcome all challenges with loving-kindness for each other, study the official announcements and do not get onto false path by listening to rumours.

In her conclusion, she said people can overcome the Covid-19 problems with mindfulness, relentless effort and wisdom. Based on responsibility, accountability and transparency which are the basic fundamentals needs of good governance, the government would release up-to-date information in real-time all information that the people need to know and people are the key to prevent and control of the disease.   



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