’Spring Quartet’ of flowers

13 April 2024
2024-04-13 16:23

Tourists are flocking to a scenic spot in central Japan where cherry blossoms, tulips and canola flowers are blooming against a snowy mountain backdrop.The scenery in the town of Asahi in Toyama Prefecture is known in Japan as the “Spring Quartet.”About 280 cherry trees are lined up in a 1.2-kilometer stretch along the Funagawa River.
Nearby fields are covered with 600,000 tulips of 22 varieties, as well as canola flowers. On Thursday, crowds of tourists, including overseas visitors, flocked to see the combination of the pink, red and yellow flowers with the white snow on the Northern Alps. The organizers of the “Spring Quartet” event predict that visitors will be able to continue viewing the cherry blossoms until this weekend.

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