Security During Thingyan: YGN Police Force Will Assign 60% Of Its Force For Security

11 April 2017

Yangon Region Police Force will assign security duties to 60% of its force for 2017 water festival by cooperating with its partner organizations like general administration department, fire service department and red cross society. 

There are 77 pandals in Yangon and 11 are large, 7 are medium and the 59 are small ones. Besides, there are 45 facts of rules and regulations issued by Yangon Region Government for pandal organizers.

Mine clearance in pandals will be checked twice a day; in the morning and afternoon.

Police Lt. Col, Yangon Region Police Force, Myint Htway: We focused on service than arresting since last year. We also gave full security to all water festival pandals. I think we were appreciated what we’ve done in 2016. So we will also do our best especially the service.

As Yangon Region Police Force is setting security plan for pre, during and post Thingyan period, 46 patrol vehicles, 150 motorcycles and 250 bicycles will also be used in patrolling during water festival.