Science Film Festival: Science Film Festival 2017 To Organize In Myanmar

26 October 2017

The Science Film Festival 2017 under the theme of “Humans” will be organized in Myanmar starting on Saturday, said at the press conference of Science Film Festival 2017 in Yangon.

The Science Film Festival is one of the programs of Gothe-Institut in Southeast Asia and this year marks for the 6th time in Myanmar, with the aim to spark enthusiasm for the natural sciences among the young people, by bringing 15 exciting and interesting films and also a variety of science experiments.

 This year topics range of urbanization, mobility, humans and machines, nature and evolution.

Director, Goethe-Institut  Myanmar, Franz Xaver Augustin said “…young people in country like Myanmar do not have access on scientific information, that's what we thought our project is call access to knowledge for young people to give the information about all that what is happening in the field of science, technology and ecology, etc..to inspire them and also to study this topic in the future which is so important for country like Myanmar that for the progress and familiar with science and with the new things what happen in the world….the main topic is the impact of human activities on the earth …we changed the surface, we cut not only words but we also cut through highway and we changed the surface, we built big city and all that..That’s the main topic of this year. ”

The opening ceremony of the Science Film Festival is going to be held at No. (4) Basic Education High School, Ahlone.

Then, the films with Myanmar subtitle will be screened at the basic education school across the country during the whole month of November.