Rehabilitation Measures: Resettlement Plan For Displaced People

13 September 2017

Rehabilitation measures in Maungtaw area are in progress. Arrangements for resettlement of displaced people are also underway.

On Tuesday, Union Minister for Border Affairs Lt-Gen Ye Aung, together with officials, made ground inspection in Buthitaung. Officials explained damages of roads and bridges that have been destroyed by ARSA extremist terrorists. They later inspected the condition of Buthitaung-PyinKhaung Road section and bridges that need to be repaired.

In NgaKyiTauk Village, they met with the Muslim communities, and asked for peaceful co-existence to gain regional stability. They also comforted the local villagers who have returned from the relief camp in TaungBazar Village High School. Foodstuffs were also provided for them.

In TaungPyoWe, the Union Minister and party met with local villagers and provided necessary assistance. They also met with the displaced people at TaungPyoWe High School and explained them for resettlement plans. They later viewed the condition of fence and the approached road along Myanmar-Bangladesh border.