Press Conference: Art, Craft And Handmade Show

14 November 2017

The press conference for Myanmar women art, craft and handmade show was held at Nann Htike Taw Win Restaurant, Yangon on Tuesday.

In that handmade show, 22 women artists will display their creations of art, craft and handmade and sell them with the fair prices. Generally, 22 kinds of handmade things are included in that show.

Event Organizer and Artist, Chaw Paper Cut Art, Chaw Su Htwe said “When I retired from my job, I learnt about the art of painting. In addition, my husband made paper cut and I also learnt it from him. I'm interested in art. At that time, I saw too many handmade things from my friends on facebook and I got an idea. So I posted a status and invited them. As for me, I always make the new creations. I want other women to create the handmade arts for fun but also for business. So I planned for this event.”

The main purpose of the show is for the development of women. The organizers invited the artists via social network. Myanmar women art, craft and handmade show will be held at Yangon Gallery on 21st and 22nd November from 10 am to 6 pm.

Artist, Tin Aung Kyaw said “I think women endow with the creation of arts. This show is very good because it opens opportunity for the women to show their ability. It is not like an art exhibition. The observers will see the different creations from individuals. That show will give the new feeling.”

The opening ceremony will be accompanied by the handmade fashion show and entertainment programs of the famous artists. The art enthusiasts can also visit the show with free admission.