PPM TB Project: Research And Cure The Affected People

6 December 2017

Annual Review Meeting for PPM TB project by Myanmar Medical Association was held at Sule Shangri-La Hotel on Wednesday. Health Officers discussed on funding of the project and the TB research survey. 

PPM TB project is established since 2007 to cure the TB patients free of charge. 20% of the project’s fund is from the partners like Myanmar Medical Association.

The meeting mainly focuses on evaluating strength and weakness of PPM TB activities in project townships and setting way forward for the project.

Project Manager, MMA PPM TB Project, Dr. Thet Naing Maung said “This PPM project keeps going forward with the support of Global Fund. PPM stands for public, private and mixed. The aim of the project is to research and cure TB affected people, mainly collaborating with private hospitals. The meeting is held to discuss the evaluation of project, difficulties faced and future plans.”

Myanmar being one of the most TB affected countries in the world, the Ministry of Health and Sport decided to form the project to clear both TB and HIV associated TB in the country.

Health officers urge everyone to participate in the movement as the Government alone can’t solve the problem.

Project Officer, MMA PPM TB Project, Dr. Wai Wai Aung said “I had difficulties trying to invite the participants in the project from rural areas as they are not easy to reach. The PPM TB Project team will continue to operate more effectively in the future.”

The survey showing the accurate number of TB sufferers will be released in September next year. It is estimated that the rate of sufferers will be low as PPM TB project has been actively operating.

Field Coordinator, MMA PPM TB Project, Dr. Khin Mar Win said “I decided to participate in the activities of the MMA PPM TB Project team to research and support on people suffered from TB, HIV and poverty. It is important to decrease the number of patients on TB, HIV and Malaria and I will continue to corporate with this team in 2018.”

The meeting is also celebrating the 11th anniversary of the project. The outstanding staffs were awarded the trophies and the documentary video of TB project activities were shown to the audience.