Peace Music Festival: Eleven Contestants Went Up To Level-3

31 October 2017

The eleven winners were chosen at Level 2 of Peace Music Festival, organized by Myanma Radio and Television. Peace Music Festival aims to raise peace awareness among people especially young people.

The final eleven contestants will have to compete for 4 events in Level 3 with a new song featured peace and the songs of their choice.

1st event of level 3 will be held in Nay Pyi Taw on 5th November.

MRTV will keep working with the contestants in making activities aiming to contribute to the development of peace, Director General of MRTV said.

Director General, MRTV, Myint Htway said “We have plan to enter into contract with them in order to take part in MRTV’s activities which aims to contribute to process of building peace, development of the country and people.”

The winners have competed with their own choice of songs including modern music and oldies.

One of the judges, Naung Naung Sun flower, suggested them to keep competing based on their advantages.

Judge, Naung Naung Sun Flower said “We give fair chance to all contestants and they can compete with modern songs, oldies and ethnic songs. We only judge the music notes and theory which they have used. We would like to suggest them not to change their style of singing apparently.”

The contestants are ready for the first round of level 3.

One of them, May Thazin, who always competed with oldies, expressed her feeling.

Contestant, May Thazin said “I am so glad that I have been chosen for the next level. I like to sing oldies songs. As I am familiar with these songs, I will keep competing with that kind of songs. I will try my best.”

Cash prize ranging from 10 to 30 million kyats will be presented to top 3 finalists. And the rest finalists will also be given 3 million kyats of consolation prize.