Pagoda Renovation: Cash Donation Presenting Ceremony Held At Botahtaung

13 March 2018

The ceremony of presenting cash donations for replacing of new ornamental umbrella, diamond orb, pennant shape vane, gilding the whole circumference of BoTaHtaung KyaikDeAT sacred hair relic pagoda and all-round renovation works was held at Nan-Oo prayer hall of the pagoda on Monday.

The ceremony was administered by the chairman Sayadaw of Yangon Region Sangha Nayaka committee and the chief minister of Yangon extended the religious affairs. Then, the well-wishers presented the cash donations individually to the chief minister and responsible persons.

The pagoda renovation works are great and significant. This is the first time of cash donation presenting ceremony according to the rotating member of the pagoda board of trustee.

Rotating member, Botahtaung pagoda board of trustee, U Ye Myint said “We are carrying out the tasks of all-round renovation of BoTaHtaung sacred hair relic pagoda and donation of mounting new diamond bud, banana bud and ornamental jeweled pennant-shaped vane to atop to the pagoda. We estimated to cost about 6 billion kyats. This is the first ceremony of presenting cash donation. Well-wishers presented about 1 billion cash donation today.”

As Myanmar Buddhists are so generous well known to the world, variety of jewels and precious stones dedicating to the new ornamental umbrella, diamond orb, pennant shape vane. Jewels experts are also contributing their expertise to the pagoda renovation works.

Well-wisher, Win & Son Diamond Store, Daw San San said “I'm taking responsibility to examine the jewels donated to the pagoda and appraise their value. As the donations inspire me, I also contributed the cash donation to the works of pagoda renovation. I'd like to urge all to participate in such a rare opportunity of donation.”

One of the well known generous well-wishers expressed her pleasure and delight for the opportunity to participate in the pagoda renovation works.

Well-wisher, Patron of Shwe Than Lwin Co., Ltd, Daw Ni Ni said “I'm very pleased, excited and really delighted for being here in the cash presenting ceremony for the donation of new embrella of BoTaHtaung KyaikDay-At sacred hair relic pagoda held in Nan-Oo Stupa. I'm thankful wish for the physical and mental wellbeing of all well-wishers who participate in the donation vigorously. I also wish for the successful hoisting of new embrella to the pagoda with coordinated efforts of Venerable Sayadaw, region government and people. I'd like to urge all people across the country to donate for the new embrella of the pagoda.”

The new Diamond-bud, Jeweled-vane and ornamental Umbrella will be placed atop the pagoda on the full moon day of Kasone.