Online Stock Trading: YSX Permitted Four Securities Company For Online Trading

29 December 2017

Aiming to increase the stock trading volume, an online stock trading system started in December with the approval of the Securities Exchange Commission of Myanmar.

The Commission granted the online trading system to four security companies on 26th of December. 

The new system could help the investors to trade easily, and will also be a boost for the Myanmar investment market. 

Senior Executive Manager, Yangon Stock Exchange, Thet Htun Oo said “The strong point of online trading is easy to use mobile application, and to trade easily among the security company and customers. It will cover not only urban area but also rural area. The customers need to contract online rules and regulations with the security companies, and download and install the online application. The entire step will take free of charge to the customers.” 

YSX is making efforts to attract more customers, to increase the listed company and investment opportunity. But the officials said that people’s interest in stock exchange market is still low, and hope to get more customers through the new online system.

Senior Executive Manager, Yangon Stock Exchange, Thet Htun Oo said “For the Online trading safety, we already issued the guideline for online trading to the security companies with the permission of the security exchange commission. At present, we have still less customer as Myanmar people is not familiar with the Stock exchange. We are making effort to promote YSX during the past two years but still no institutional investors.YSX started with over 4000 customers and now increasing over 32000 customers.”

One security company started the online trading system while other three plan to launch during next two weeks.