Online Shopping: With The Growth Of Internet Usage

3 August 2017

As the internet usage in Myanmar grows, shopping online has become increasingly popular.

Working women at the age of 18 to 30 groups largely make up the pool of online customers.

Chew Myat Wei said “Sometimes, when I am busy, I find it more convenient to shop online. Another good point is that I can buy the products that are not available in local market but on international market.”

With the advent of faster internet, sales pages through social media platforms and websites are also gaining increasing number of customers’ visits.

Browsing and shopping through facebook is more popular than other internet platforms in Myanmar.

Marketing & Operation Manager, SHOPMYAR.com, Min Thu Win said “When we first start off, the majority of the population… they are accustomed to the facebook shopping. That’s how everything starts and then platform follows later.”

There are several main online players in the market - local field players are hesitant to join the platform as online shopping is still new to the country.

Marketing & Operation Manager, SHOPMYAR.com, Min Thu Win said “This is a brand new concept to the country, a lot of our vendors are … this is a whole new ball game. So, some of them are eager to join but some are still hesitant.”

With the growth of internet usage, more people in Myanmar are likely to shop online than enduring the increasing traffic and waiting in line at the shopping malls.