Neil Armstrong's moon bag sells for $1.8 million at auction

21 July 2017

A bag used by U.S. astronaut Neil Armstrong to bring the first samples of moon dust back to Earth was sold to an anonymous bidder for $1.8 million (USD) at an auction in New York. The event marks the 48th anniversary of the first moon landing.              SOTHEBY'S VICE PRESIDENT, CASSANDRA HATTON                   "For now, I can tell you that the buyer is an American private buyer. You may learn more later. But it was a very exciting moment. I am very excited about who bought it because I think that they are very much the right person to own something like this. They really appreciate the importance of the artifact. They are just thrilled to have it. And I'm thrilled that we are able to share it with the public and that we sold it today."               During the auction, only a few bidders battled for the item.