National Parliament: Questions Focused On Electricity Sector And Removing Squatters

14 November 2017

The second national parliament convened the 11th day of its regular session on Tuesday. The representatives asked the star marked questions and the members of the union level organizations replied the questions.

The Sint-In village of Lashio Townshp's electricity access from the national grid, The permission of electricity access in Kawt-Thaung Township with the payment from Thailand, better arrangements for electricity sector of country by find solutions for the root cause of the country's electricity supply showing loss, time of removing squatters' tents, car washing services and nursery shops by the side of Hlaingthaya-Pathein road and Hlaingthaya-Nyaungdone road, the move for the improvement of English curriculum and exam system with 4 skills - Reading, Writing, speaking, listening was put forward by the representative of 11th constituency of Rakhine State and sought the decision of parliament.