National Day: Celebration Held At NLD Headquarter In Yangon

14 November 2017

National league for democracy party was celebrated the 97th Anniversary of National Day which falls on November 13th in Yangon, Monday.

The central committee members of NLD, Yangon regional government and invited guests and responsible officers from the embassies also attended and celebrated the 97th Anniversary of National Day.

National day is the date of the first student strike against Yangon University Act. The strike inspired national spirit and opposed to British colonial policies.

Member, Central executive committee (NLD), Aung Shin said “Firstly, I would like to say about the national day of Myanmar. This is not the ordinary day so we celebrated the national day annually then we hold the literature talk. The day is reminded us what we happened in the past. Due to the first boycott, the great heroes appeared in our country’s history.”

The history leading up to the student revolt is the background of national day. The most of parties and organizations celebrated such kind of activities across Myanmar.