License For E-Sport: Game Shop Owners Asked For Official License

26 October 2017

The owners of E-sport game shops demand the official license from the concerned department.

Earlier this month, those game shops from Yangon’s East District were no longer allowed to open due to lack of official license by YCDC.

There are about 200 E-sport game shops in Yangon.  Most young people aged in18 and 19 played the football games and kids use to enjoy comic character video games.

It appeared those shops were banned because of some illegal coin gaming shops which are letting gambling.

Owner, P3, P4 Game Shop (Sanchaung Tsp.), Si Thu Than Win said “I can guarantee there is no gambling in my shop. I don’t let my customers gamble. We also have our own rules like smoking or drugs are not allowed to use and no gambling in the shop. Although we can’t order the customers to do gambling, we don’t let them do in the shop.”

The owners have inquired to get official license in their respective townships’ YCDC offices and general administration offices. But none of them knew clearly where to ask for.

Owner, P3, P4 Game Shop (Sanchaung Tsp.), Si Thu Than Win said “To be honest, we don’t have official license and it looks like illegal. But when we try to apply license, we don’t know where to ask for.  So there will be rules and regulations if there is official license for E-sport game shops.”

200 to 300 kyats per hour cost for playing those E-sport games in game shops. And they said that it was never official license for offline E-sport game shops.