Librarian Training: Training Course For Librarians Kicked Off In Yangon

14 November 2017

Advanced training course for librarians kicked off at diamond jubilee hall of Yangon University on Tuesday.

It was conducted by Myanmar Library Association aiming to share both traditional and modern ways to run a library.

It includes 4 basic subjects that every librarian should know. Running a library using information technology and searching for donors and partners to survive a library in long term are also added in the course.

Course of its kind has been conducted twice a year since 2015. Currently there are 4,600 libraries in the country.

President, Myanmar Library Association, Than Aung said “It is important to turn out qualified librarians to develop libraries in the country. So we have been working on to conduct trainings for them in states and regions. As there are 350 townships in the country, we go there and conduct trainings for those who don’t have any training related to library in the summer.”

Over 50 librarians participated in this course. Some librarians from the basic training course also attended as well.

Librarian, Honson Bible College, Seng San said “Actually, the library I’m now working isn’t very systematic. So I applied what I’ve learnt from the basic training course like how to keep book depending on weather condition. That really worked.”

It will take six weeks to finish the advanced training course for librarians.