Bike Rental Service: Plans Underway For Yangon University Campus

11 May 2017

Bike Rental Service will be installed at the Yangon University through an assessment report by the “Bikes in Yangon” group, aiming to help the students save time and for their convenience as well.

A survey reveals that nearly 97% show interest. The service will be set to be within the campus only.

The survey was conducted to 1000 students, teachers and others like food sellers and staff – 70 percent of them are women.

Operation Manager, Bikes in Yangon, Hein Min Oo: Break time is short enough for student to go out for foods and spending time at there. They said in the survey that they want to visit around the campus with bikes in break time. It is a lovely thing of university life.

Yangon University has cycle lanes - researchers said it will be safe for users than other universities. No entry of buses to the campus is a good point for the service, they added.

72% of the survey participants know how to ride a bike. However, sufficient awareness needs to be raised among bike users when the plan starts, according to the survey.

Operation Manager, Bikes in Yangon, Hein Min Oo: We’ve planned to arrange campaigns for the safety. The “Yangon Door-to-Door service” will also support us for raising awareness in signs and many others.

About 50 bikes are set to be placed in the service which is targeted to be ready on December this year, according to the “Bikes in Yangon” group.