6th Meeting: Taken Place Between Peace Commission And DPN

11 August 2017

Peace Commission and Delegation for Political Negotiation (DPN) have nearly agreed point-1 to 4 proposed by UNFC at their 6th meeting, NRPC in Yangon on Friday.

From point 5 to 8 are needed to discuss more in the 7th meeting after reporting results of this 6th meeting back to both sides’ leaders.

Director General, Myanmar State Counsellor Office, Zaw Htay said “It’s been 14 months that Peace Commission and DPN have been discussing 8 points proposed by the UNFC to participate sustainable peace process and NCA. Both sides are not making to delay the peace process. We are just taking time for discussion so that controversy can’t be happened later. We are trying to discuss things get better than now and for the future.”

Although it is hoped to discuss and negotiate the rest points technically, it needs to get the decisions and guidelines of both sides’ leaders for the policy part.

Deputy Secretary, United Nationalities Federal Council ( UNFC),  Tun Zaw said “We are finding ways to discuss the rest proposed points collectively as they are connected one from another. We’ve seen that the results from the earlier meetings really provide now. There is analysis on political framework and more efforts to strengthen the mechanism of Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) for military.”

The 7th meeting is expected to be held during the 1st or 2nd week of September.