“Let’s Read”: The Project Being Implemented Across Myanmar

10 November 2017

“Let’s read” project has been implemented across Myanmar by the cooperation with Ministry of education, Room to read, Myanmar libraries association and Myanmar book Aid and Preservation Foundation in Yangon, Friday.

This is the two years project to establish in 20 school libraries across Myanmar. The project targets to increase the students’ literacy rate, improve their critical thinking skills. 

Executive director, Myanmar Book Aid & Preservation Foundation, Thant Thaw Kaung said “.. So mostly is in the central but also in the some of the states because this is such the first project so we need to be able to manage at the same time the right books have to be reached to the right people and the most needed people and the most needed students of our country…”

Room to read is currently working with 14 countries around the world in Asia, Africa and middle east. Room to read has a discussion with the ministry of education to work and bring the experiences in school libraries and publishing to Myanmar.

Chief Innovative Officer, Room to read, Cory Heyman said “….The project here in Myanmar, it is the two years project to establish 20 school libraries as well as support 25 existing school libraries. The benefit is to show the import to school libraries for helping the children to develop the habit of reading and the passion and enjoy being able to learn to read to be able to practice in the place. 

Actually, Myanmar library association has been working with the Asian foundation for 10 libraries, they are in the Yangon, Mandalay, Magwe and Shan state. The ministry of education is going to invest in the 10 libraries such as in Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyitaw and Nat Mauk. Room to read’s selection has not been done yet, they are going to do that very soon and another will be found in Yangon and Mandalay.